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Renew For You

Renew For You is our unique service that makes securing your next business energy contract even easier.

Put a smile on your face by letting us Renew For You

The pitch:

You know how every year you have to remember to call around to find a better price for your next business energy contract? That's because when your contract expires with your current supplier they'll probably move you onto their standard rates that will cause your bills to sky-rocket. 

What if, when your contract expires, you're automatically transferred onto the cheapest deal we can offer you at that time? Wouldn't that save you time, hassle and money?

Well, this is our Renew For You service. You’ll get our lowest price possible for your next energy contract and you won't have to lift a finger - we'll do it all for you.

With your permission, we’ll take care of your new energy contract every time your existing one ends - until you ask us to stop.

What we’ll do:

  1. Take responsibility for securing your next energy contract. We'll put you on rates that are exclusive to the service - they'll be cheaper than if you were to call us.

  2. Handle all the time-consuming admin on your behalf. We'll do whatever it takes to get your contract up and running - keeping you in the loop by email.

  3. Confirm your new contract before we secure it, giving you enough time to opt out if you want to. In fact, you can cancel your Renew For You agreement at any time.

Comparing our renewal services:                                                                                                             

FeatureStandard serviceRenew For You
Saves you time, money and hassle when setting up your next contract.
Cheaper rates than calling. You get an extra saving because of the increased buying power we have from thousands of 'signed up' customers.
Safeguards you against your supplier moving you onto more expensive rates when your contract ends.
We make the renewal decision at the right time, on your behalf - so there's no way you'll miss your opportunity to secure competitive rates on your next contract.
You save the time it takes to secure your new contract in a telephone conversation. You can use this for other things, like talking to us about more cost-saving opportunities!
If you need to terminate your existing contract, we take care of it - and any issues that arise - on your behalf.

The Renew For You date:

To be able to confidently search, select and secure your new contract - without you having to call us - you need to know when we're going to do it.

There are twelve Renew For You Dates in the calendar year, with one occurring every calendar month. Make It Cheaper will select the most suitable Renew For You Date that provides the optimum timeframe to secure your next contract and will name this clearly on your Renew For You agreement.

If you decide you don't want us to secure your next contract after all, that's fine. You just need to tell us to stop our Renew For You service before this date.

If you're happy for us to go ahead and secure your next contract, you don't need to do anything.

We will always contact you by email with details of the new contract before we secure it, giving you every opportunity to opt out.

In summary

Renew For You is our exclusive energy contract management service. We put you on the cheapest deal we can offer and save you the time and hassle of finding and setting up your next contract.

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