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How suppliers get on our panel

It’s important you’re always with a quality supplier. That’s why suppliers have to meet strict criteria to get on our panel:

  • They need to share our values of trust, expertise and hassle-free - this is what we believe you want from our service.

  • They have to be committed to putting you first.

  • They have to commit to offering us great prices.

  • They have to agree to working with us to make your renewal as smooth as possible.

We build strong relationships with our suppliers, so we can offer you the best service possible - without you having to lift a finger.

We compare prices from the Big Six energy suppliers and many more

Compare Business Energy Prices With Us

Save on your business energy costs and join over 250,000 others who have already switched with Make it Cheaper. It's quick, easy, and our dedicated team of UK-based experts will do all the hard work for you. Switching providers has never been easier.

Simply tell us what you need, and our experts will source prices from our panel of trusted suppliers. They'll lay out all your options for you, so you can choose the best deal. We choose our suppliers very carefully so we can pass on the best prices to our customers.

We'll also give you the choice of signing up to guarantee great prices for your business year after year, saving you the hassle of having to shop around again in the future.

We have plenty of experience in saving businesses money, in fact, over a quarter of a million businesses switched energy contracts with us since 2007. Find out more about how we can help to find you a great deal below.

About Business Energy

  • Energy is an essential part of your business, whether that's heating your offices, or a requirement for your business operations.
  • Business energy often features restrictions when you search for new quotes, as well as when switching your contracts, that businesses must be careful to adhere to.
  • Saving money on the amount you pay could equate to thousands of pounds per year – and the greater the savings, the smaller your profit margins.

For more information, visit Ofgem's website.

Business energy rates are split into two main categories - a standing charge and a unit cost.

The standing charge is a daily cost that your business will pay regardless of how much energy it uses. The unit cost is a set cost for each unit (kWh) of energy your business uses.

How much you pay as a business will differ depending on the terms of your contract, making it even more important to compare energy providers to ensure your business has the most suitable energy contract for its needs.

Comparing providers helps you find the right deal, with a contract that fits your requirements, as well as ensuring you're not overpaying for your energy.

Comparing Business Energy Quotes

It takes time to compare quotes - something that business owners don't often have a lot of. That's where Make it Cheaper comes in - our experts can compare tariffs for you, finding a competitive deal that suits you and, as the name suggests, make your bills cheaper.

It only takes a phone call - our business savings experts will determine your business' consumption habits and needs before searching the market. They'll present you with the best deals, and advise on a tariff that suits your needs.

To make your call simpler, it can be helpful to have the following items to hand:

  • A recent energy bill
  • Your business' registration information
  • Your MPAN and MPRN numbers from your bill or meter
  • Your current contract's end date
  • The date your switching window opens

Visit our Small Print Pointer for help finding the important information on your bill.

How is business energy different to domestic energy?

  • In practice, they're the same, it's how they're packaged and sold that differs.
  • Mainly, businesses arrange their energy as two separate fuels - business gas and business electricity. This means when finding a supplier, you'll need to source your quotes for each fuel separately.
  • As businesses treat energy as two separate fuels, this also means you'll have two separate contracts.
  • A domestic energy customer has the option of securing energy under one set of terms.

Our Business Energy Suppliers

Supplier Fixed price contract length
Scottish power business logo 1 - 3 years (electric)
1 - 3 years (gas)
EDF business logo 1 - 4 years
Opus energy logo 1 - 3 years
CNG logo 1 - 3 years
Gazprom logo 1 - 5 years
1 - 4 years
eon business logo 1 - 3 years
Crown logo 1 - 3 years