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Reducing Energy Bills for Schools | Make It Cheaper

Errors are being found on the energy bills of schools that are leaving the local authority. Click here to learn what to look out for.

    Making it easy to switch business energy contracts

    A guide to the practices business energy suppliers adopt when their customers' contracts are up for renewal

      Signs of swifter energy switching

      Switching energy supplier has begun to speed up following Ofgem’s pledge to enforce maximum 17 day transfers by the end of the year

        Single out your energy supplier as dual fuel deals fall short

        Households can beat the best ‘dual fuel’ deals on the market by an average of £55 a year if they switch to separate suppliers for their gas and electricity

          Make It Cheaper is ‘Most Trusted’ by SMEs buying energy

          Press release detailing Make It Cheaper's two awards at The Energy Live Consultancy Awards 2013.

            Wrong energy tax whacks charities

            Small charities are paying millions of pounds - unnecessarily - in extra VAT charges and environmental tax on their energy bills

              Insurance should be less taxing for charities

              Make It Cheaper asked 515 people what they considered to be a fair IPT rate for charities to have to pay.

                Weather or not to turn the heating on?

                Age and location are the most influential factors - after weather conditions - in determining when people across the UK switch on their heating systems

                  Rise in business energy switches | Press | Make It Cheaper

                  Make It Cheaper's research has found that 100,000 more businesses will change their energy supplier this year than last year

                    Season of good bill: 8 out of 10 energy switchers ready to help elderly

                    Press release detailing research that shows 79% of people who have switched their energy would be prepared to do the same on behalf of somebody else.