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Make It Cheaper Financial Services shortlisted for Community Broker of the Year

Make It Cheaper Financial Services (MICFS) has been shortlisted for the ‘Community Broker of the Year’ award at the annual UK Broker Awards

For a chance of winning the Community Broker of the Year Award, businesses need to demonstrate how they have been supporting a particular community through the tough economic environment. Businesses were asked to offer specific examples of initiatives that have allowed them to offer them to support and grow their chosen community, as well as the results that these initiatives have yielded.

To make the shortlist, MICFS was able to draw on the extensive work that it has been carrying out for Britain’s small businesses since the company’s inception in 2007. Working closely with small business owners to understand their insurance needs, MICFS not only helps businesses save money, but also aims to make it easier to find and secure a better deal on business insurance cover. To achieve this it has seamlessly blended the efficiency of an online customer journey with the assurance of talking directly with an insurance expert to develop a dual platform customer journey that is unique to MICFS’s customers.

For example, Martin Doherty at Trease UK Ltd gave this feedback about his experience with MICFS:

"You took the time to see what a chiropractic table manufacturer actually did and what cover was required where others, not having a box to tick, didn't bother. I was expecting the 'sorry we can't help because I can’t be bothered to put in five minutes of extra work for your business'. However you did, were spot on and got the job.  Your training has brought back a bit of faith in customer service.  Well done to you and your staff."

Andrea Knights at Forget Me Not Cards & Gifts Ltd added:

"I felt like an individual and not just another customer from a pool of thousands. I am a tiny company and I don't need all the cover 'off the peg insurances' make me pay for, so you saved me money. Lots of other companies won't even take the time on small business but they need to remember, like you, we all start small and grow so you also saved me time and hassle! I highly recommend!"

Jonathan Elliott, founder and CEO of Make It Cheaper said:

"At MICFS it’s all about balance. We understand that running their business is the most important thing to our customers, but we also understand the importance of having the correct insurance cover. This is why we developed our unique dual platform journey. It allows us to provide our customers with the assurance of dealing directly with an insurance expert, while ensuring that the process is as efficient as possible, so they can get back to what’s important – making their business a success."

The winner of the Community Broker of the Year category will be announced on 25th September.

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