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Households save an average of £226 with Make It Cheaper

Make It Cheaper launches new home energy price comparison and switching service has launched a domestic price comparison service so you can now find a better deal on your household energy as well as looking at ways of cutting your business overheads.

Already with a total of 20 suppliers on its panel and more in the pipeline,'s household service is in strong contention for the top of the price comparison league table:

Nine out of 10 (91%) households using the service in the past two weeks have been able to make savings up to £370. With an average of £226 being cut from each household's energy bills, the savings breakdown is as follows:

  • 22% of people saved more than £300
  • 40% of people saved more than £200
  • 62% of people saved more than £100
  • 91% of people saved more than £0
  • 9% of people made no saving

Diane Lant from Hull said:

"Since I learnt about your service a few years ago I have always come back to using you when we need to change our energy suppliers. I do this for the business I work with and, because I found you so helpful and the whole process so easy, I started using you for my home energy as well."

Having worked closely with a wide range of energy suppliers on behalf of 200,000 business customers since 2007, will be offering innovative products and the ultimate assurance to its household customers. For example, there's a £100 cashback guarantee if a switch is applied for but doesn't go through.

Research carried out by has identified failed transfers as a problem for around eight per cent of switchers and contributes to a worrying trend in which well over a third (39%) of those who have switched energy supplier in the past say they have been put-off from doing so again. For example, one in five (19%) blames a bad experience of switching and - even when the switch went smoothly - one in ten (11%) say it's still too much hassle to make it worthwhile.

Scott Byrom, energy expert at, said:

"For six years now has been helping out businesses that are stranded on high tariffs switch on to market leading prices and we know how frustrating it can be, for whatever reason, to be denied a decent saving. We now have a solution for households with the same 'once-bitten, twice-shy' attitude to switching but who still want to be on the best rates."

For free, impartial advice on cutting energy costs either at home, a business or for a charity, visit or call #phonenumber#.

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About Make It Cheaper

Based in Central London with 126 staff, has been the No.1 destination for businesses to get a better deal on their utilities since its launch in 2007. Following its acquisition of UK Power in 2012, also now provides competitive energy prices and expert advice for household energy consumers.

Acting on behalf of all its customers with total impartiality, transparency and free-of-charge, offers deals from the widest range of energy companies including all of the 'Big 6' and over 20 of the smaller domestic and non-domestic suppliers. For businesses it also offers year-on-year savings across other overheads including: telecoms, insurance and merchant services (Chip & PIN).

By switching suppliers or helping to renegotiate deals with existing ones, will typically save over 30% of costs (as well as a considerable amount of time) that its customers can then spend elsewhere. Make It Cheaper has been in the Sunday Times Fast Track 100 for the past two years and its 2012 Net Promoter Score was 74%.

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