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We've been campaigning against Rollover Contracts since 2007 when we organised a roundtable in Westminster for Mark Prisk MP (then Shadow Enterprise Minister) to grill the 'Big 6' about how expensive and unfair they can be. Several Ofgem consultations later and we seem no nearer to seeing them being outlawed (even though Ofcom have managed to do it for phone contracts) so we are pushing instead for simple measures to help businesses & charities spot the Rollover Trap and avoid it… basically putting information in customer correspondence to warn you. For example, 95.7% of businesses want to see their Contract-End-Dates printed on bills.

The 'rollover trap' explained

Businesses typically pay fixed price tariffs for one, two or three years and it is not unusual to see prices going up by 50% as they come up for renewal at the end of their contract. However a typical renewal window for a business energy contract will be between 120-30 days BEFORE the contract end date, and it is usually ONLY during this period that you can apply to switch or look to negotiate a better deal. If a business fails to act before the end of the renewal window, its contract will automatically 'rollover' on to renewal rates for at least another 12 months. In other words… cheaper prices are only available to those who know about their renewal window, are proactive about shopping around DURING it and then manage to avoid being rolled - by sending a termination letter to their supplier. Make It Cheaper offers free and impartial help with this - even if it's just to remind you each time your renewal window opens.