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Rent rise fears over landlord tax relief cuts

03/08/2015 10:40:12
UK tenants fear rents will rise as an affect of their landlords losing mortgage tax reliefs. Click here to read the full report from Make It Cheaper.

Make It Cheaper Financial Services shortlisted for Community Broker of the Year

14/07/2015 08:38:15
Make It Cheaper Financial Services has been shortlisted for the Community Broker of the Year award at the annual UK Broker Awards

Confusion Rains Over Rising Damp - UK Tenants don't know their responsibilities

25/06/2015 10:27:42
New research from Make It Cheaper suggests that tenants are confused about their responsibilities in a tenancy, as well as their landlords'. Click for more.

SME workforce expected to lead voting turnout for UK general election

27/04/2015 13:59:23
Research commissioned by Make It Cheaper suggests that small businesses will lead voting turnout at the 2015 general election,

An open letter to Ofgem regarding business energy supplier objections

24/04/2015 00:00:00
An open letter from Make It Cheaper to Ofgem regarding energy suppliers' objections to business switching.

Immigration and EU membership top the list of business issues

20/04/2015 11:08:53
Immigration and EU membership top the list of issues small business owners most want the major parties to address ahead of the 2015 General Election.

One of 1,000 Companies to Inspire

09/03/2015 08:41:22
Make It Cheaper is named as one of the London Stock Exchange’s 1,000 Companies to Inspire Britain in 2015.

Make It Cheaper and Eco-Nomics announce Energy Partnership

14/01/2015 09:38:21
Make It Cheaper and Eco-Nomics have announced the formation of a strategic partnership to offer a complete energy service to Britain’s businesses.


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