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Business owners – do you know how much you’re potentially overspending on your gas and electricity bills?

Business energy is an overhead that most companies have in common. Whether it’s used to fuel a premises, or as an essential part of operations, it’s essential to British industry. What’s interesting, is that many business owners know little about the commercial energy market, meaning that often, you’re not getting a fair deal for your business.

Another common misconception is that there are massive differences between the domestic and business energy markets. There are some but in truth, it’s essentially the same product packaged differently.

Similar to the domestic market, the best way to reduce the cost of your energy is to compare different quotes. The notable difference between business and domestic energy is that business gas and business electricity are treated as separate fuels and secured under separate contracts. This means that you have to get separate quotes for each fuel when comparing business energy rates.

The Ofgem website has more useful information on the business energy market.

Make It Cheaper in association with Mirror Business Energy saves businesses on average, £1,150* by switching them to alternative suppliers.

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When switching your supplier, it's important to understand that your business energy is supplied on a contractual basis. This means that once you've agreed a switch, it will go through when your current contract expires - whether that's in four weeks or four months.

With this in mind, knowing your contract end date is key when it comes to switching. You can find this information on a copy of a recent bill, or by contacting your current supplier directly.

However, if you've recently moved into new premises or haven't switched your supplier in the past, there's every possibility that you don't currently have a gas or electricity contract agreed. In this case, you'll be on your supplier's most expensive rates - so it's important to set up a new deal as soon as possible. This will then become active once it's signed and confirmed with your chosen supplier.

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Comparing quotes is easy when you know what you're looking at. Here's a quick guide to the rates and charges you need to consider to decide which quote is best for you:

  1. The unit rate. This is the price you'll pay per unit of gas or electricity you use, and has the biggest impact on your bill. Depending on your meter type, you may have multiple unit rates, which means you'll pay a different price for energy depending on the time of day at which you use it.
  2. The standing charge. This is a charge you'll pay per day, regardless of how much energy you use. The charge is the same every day, and covers the supplier's cost of providing your premises with energy.
  3. Monthly direct debit. Many business owners find that the best way to pay for their energy is via fixed monthly direct debit. As such, when comparing prices, it's important to know what your new monthly direct debit will be after you switch.

For more information on the above and to compare prices, call us on 0800 092 5560.

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“Everybody gets the cold calls and people say they can do things that never materialise but we’ve had a good experience with Make It Cheaper”

“With Make It Cheaper, we’ve made a substantial saving on our utility bills and we’ve been able to put this back into the business, with training for our staff members and putting it towards equipment. It’s always good to stay at top of our game in the beauty industry” – James Hall, Co-Owner, Elegance in Gidea Park, saved £1,850

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