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Who is the cheapest gas and electricity supplier?

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Searching for the cheapest energy supplier

The cheapest gas and electricity supplier for your home will depend on three main factors – your location, the amount of energy you use and the type of meter you're on.  

These aspects will determine the tariffs that are available to you, as will the type of energy you're using – either electricity and gas, or just electricity. 

Below are the cheapest tariffs currently available for the average energy user.


Unfortunately, there aren’t any ‘zero standing charge’ electricity tariffs currently available through

Please check again at a later date or carry out a full comparison of all tariffs by entering your postcode and selecting "I want to compare all available tariffs" where prompted.

How to find the cheapest energy supplier 

The best way to find out who is the cheapest electricity and gas supplier for your household is by comparing prices using an online price comparison site. You’ll be prompted to enter your postcode, information about your current tariff and your consumption information. The latter two can be found on your most recent energy bill.  

This information affects your results in the following ways: 

  • Not all suppliers are available for all locations – you’ll only be shown suppliers available at your postcode.
  • Some locations are more expensive to supply energy to than others.
  • If you’re on a prepayment meter or Economy 7 meter, you may only be shown deals appropriate for use with those meters.
  • Your current supplier, tariff details and consumption figures help the site calculate the possible savings if you switch. 

This means the energy tariffs that will be displayed will be tailored to your circumstances – these will be the cheapest deals for someone in your location and with your usage figures. This also means there is no single cheapest energy supplier or tariff for everyone – each customer will need to use their details to determine the cheapest energy deal for their situation, and then switch to the most appropriate one for their circumstances. 

Maintaining a cheaper deal 

Once you’ve found and switched to a suitable energy tariff, it might still be worth checking energy tariffs regularly every six months, as energy suppliers frequently change their prices. Keep in mind that you may not be able to switch until the tariff end date, unless you pay a cancellation fee. You may wish to do so if you believe the savings will make up for the charges you’ll need to pay for switching early.

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