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Online energy tariffs

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Compare online energy tariffs

One of the biggest attractions of online energy tariffs is that they are often the cheapest deals offered by suppliers. This is because suppliers can enjoy lower administrative costs when managing accounts entirely online – savings which they can then pass on to their customers. 

Managing your electricity and gas online is an option available for the full range of domestic energy tariffs – including variable and fixed tariffs, dual fuel tariffs, green energy tariffs and prepayment tariffs. As such, if you’re interested in an online energy tariff, you can enjoy the flexibility of choosing from a range of deals – alongside the convenience of managing your account online and saving money in the process.

Here's a look at some of the best-value online energy tariffs that are currently available:


Unfortunately, there aren’t any ‘zero standing charge’ electricity tariffs currently available through

Please check again at a later date or carry out a full comparison of all tariffs by entering your postcode and selecting "I want to compare all available tariffs" where prompted.

What are the main features of an online energy tariff? 

With an online energy tariff, you’ll need to sign up to your tariff over the internet and create a specific online account with your chosen supplier. With your online account you can: 

  • Receive your welcome pack by email.
  • Receive bills – you can either download your bills or have them sent to an email address.
  • Pay bills – most users choose to pay by monthly direct debit which can mean a further discount. 
  • Change tariffs.
  • Submit meter readings.
  • View your energy consumption through usage graphs.
  • Edit personal details, including banking details. 

If you’d like the savings offered by an online tariff but would prefer to have paper bills sent to you, you may be able to find suppliers that treat online tariffs the same as any other tariff – sending you paper bills, enabling you to submit meter readings over the phone and managing your account as they would other tariffs.  Whichever option you choose, you are still able to speak to your energy provider over the phone if you need to ask any questions or update your details. 

Benefits of an online energy tariff 

Alongside offering cheaper rates across the full range of tariffs, an online energy tariff can be a faster and more convenient option to other types of tariff. Further benefits of an online energy tariff include: 

  • Easy storage of your documents: you can easily store your documents in your mailbox or in cloud storage, with the option to print out and save physical copies if you need to. 
  • All correspondence in one place: your online account stores all correspondence between you and your supplier, making it easier to find information.
  • Better for the environment: paperless billing can cut down on the amount of paperwork you receive – provided you’re not also printing out your bills.
  • Accurate bills: entering your meter readings online means you can keep your supplier updated on your usage, which can ensure that you always receive accurate monthly bills.
  • Easily inform your supplier if you’re moving: you can use your online account to inform your supplier, and arrange your energy needs, if you’re moving out of your home or into a new home.
  • Renew or switch tariffs easily: you can also use your online account to easily renew your current tariff or switch to a more suitable one with the same supplier. 

Is an online energy tariff right for me? 

As with all types of energy tariffs, you’ll need to consider your household situation and personal preferences before committing to an online energy tariff. While you may find the competitive prices of an online energy tariff attractive, it is important to consider the tariff in its entirety before making a decision. For example, an online tariff may not be suitable for you if: 

  • You’re not familiar with the internet.
  • You don’t have regular or reliable access to the internet.
  • You’re not comfortable with managing your account online.
  • You’re not comfortable submitting meter readings or arranging payments online.
  • You prefer paper bills. 

Comparing an online energy tariff 

If you’d like to switch to an online energy tariff, is important to make sure you choose the best deal possible by comparing tariffs across suppliers. You can do this through a price comparison site or through an energy broker who can help you switch over the phone.  

Keep in mind that many suppliers offer online account management on their non-online energy tariffs. If you’re unsure whether you’re choosing an online tariff, the best way to find out is by checking the name of the plan – it will usually contain the words ‘online’ or ‘web’. If you’re still unsure, it might be worth checking with your chosen energy supplier or double-checking with your energy broker.

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