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We’ll make your life so much easier

Here at Make It Cheaper we just love going that extra mile for our customers! That's why we've created our fantastic Do It For You service - we want to keep you smiling into your next renewal!

Sit back and relax, we’ll do everything for you. Once we've helped you find our best energy deal for your business, we can apply the same Make It Cheaper magic for your next contract renewal too. It really is as simple as that. All you have to do is tell us your preferences so our team of experts can get cracking and find you the best prices for either staying with your supplier or switching to a new one offering a better deal!

Over half of our customers choose Do It For You. Why not join them and let us take care of you every step of the way!

  • More time to focus on what you do best - we’ll take care of finding and setting up your contracts while you focus on your business
  • You’re always in control - by defining what's most important to you - having the lowest price or sticking with your current supplier. The final choice is yours.
  • We only work with trusted suppliers - suppliers who we trust to offer great deals and quality service to our customers. We can even avoid suppliers you don’t wish to work with.
  • A UK-based energy team working on your behalf - whether it's submitting meter readings or dealing with a supplier issue, we're on your side.
  • Our Make It Easy Guarantee - we’ll refund our commission if you don’t think we’ve made it easy for you.

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Our Make it Easy Guarantee

So what happens if our Do It For You service doesn't Do It For You? Simple - if you don't feel like we've made switching easy, our Make It Easy Guarantee promises to pay you any commission we've earned from your new supplier. That's our promise to you!