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Yee Kwan Ice Cream & Sorbet

How a Yorkshire-based ice cream maker used Make It Cheaper's free service to reduce costs and increase profits.

Yee Kwan makes award-winning ice creams and sorbets inspired by her Chinese heritage and childhood memories of visiting local ice cream parlours in Yorkshire.

The county where Yee grew up is now the home of her thriving Sheffield-based business, which involves the manufacture of her delicious products and their distribution to retailers and restaurants.

Fusion flavours

Yee's innovative flavours include the Far Eastern-influenced bestseller Matcha Green Tea and Brit-inspired Bakewell Tart. Her unique and exciting frozen treats have attracted eye-catching clients such as Harvey Nichols, Wholefoods Market and Wing Yip Chinese Supermarkets.

The refrigeration costs for an ice cream manufacturer are considerable - and Yee understands that this is an area in which she can ill afford to spend money unnecessarily. As such, she made contact with Make It Cheaper back in 2009 to find a better deal on her electricity. We've been providing quotes to Yee ever since then and have arranged three contract transfers, helping her avoid the expensive rates that suppliers charge when a business energy contract comes to an end and is not re-negotiated during a tight renewal window.

Yee Kwan

Recently, Yee has used Make It Cheaper's service to get a better deal on her business insurance. She now has exactly the same policy and cover she had before - and with exactly the same provider. However, she now pays 20% less on her premium than she did before, which has helped to improve her profit figure and make her accounts look healthier.

Saving time and money

Part of our proposition to businesses like Yee's is that they can use the time and money they save with us to help their business grow. Indeed, Yee has expansion plans of her own and is looking forward to November, when she opens her first permanent retail space in the heart of Sheffield. Yee will be one of the many local independent traders in The Moor Market, a brand new city centre development offering a vibrant and diverse shopping experience.

Yee is planning a new product range to celebrate the retail launch. She'll be offering freshly baked cookies (to make ice cream sandwiches), limited edition flavours, real milkshakes, ice cream sprinkles and handcrafted sauces in addition to her established range of ice creams and sorbets. We wish Yee the best of luck in her new venture and hope we can contribute to her success by helping her save again when the time comes.

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