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Web Shop Direct - Dawn's story

What happens when you task a member of your team with reducing your energy outgoings? Simple - a £2,000 saving and a happy employee enjoying a coastal break in Cornwall. Here's how it unfolded.

Dawn Barber is Director of Web Shop Direct Limited in Macclesfield. Dawn knew that she needed to look in to her utilities but just didn't have the time.

Needing some help, she asked Toni - one of her employees - to have a look for her. As a bonus, Dawn told Toni that if she could find them a cheaper deal than the one they were currently on, she could have 20% of the saving.

Toni contacted Make It Cheaper. We took the business's details and searched the market, presenting Toni with the best offers we could find. "It was very, very easy," Toni said. "I have actually recommended you to another three business owners I know."

Altogether, Make It Cheaper helped Toni secure a £2,000 saving for Web Shop Direct - and Dawn was delighted, calling the new deal "simply magnificent".

Toni added: "It has quite a big impact. We are in a very, very competitive business, so the more we save the better."

But what's even more amazing was that the deal meant Dawn put an extra £400 in Toni's pocket. Before she knew it, Toni had booked a holiday with her bonus and was sitting on a beach in Cornwall.

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