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Tudge Meats

Energy saving case study of Tudge meats in Shropshire

  • Location: Shropshire
  • Sector: Farming
  • Saving: £3k

Tudge Meats is a family-run farm on over 300 acres near Ludlow, Shropshire. It supplies naturally-fed free range chickens, seasonal turkeys and free range rare breed pigs, all of which are reared using traditional farming methods. It sells to caterers, restaurants and at farmers' markets including: Hereford, Ludlow, Leominster, Malvern and Abergavenny.

Guy Tudge first used Make It Cheaper at the start of 2007 when he received a renewal letter from his supplier with notification of a massive price rise which would have meant his annual bill more than doubling to £4,000. Guy suspected the letter was trying to catch him unaware as it unbelievably told him to 'relax'. He immediately served notice and asked Make It Cheaper to arrange a new contract. A different supplier was found, offering half the price. Guy sent his finest Berkshire sausages to Make It Cheaper's London HQ to say thank you!

I now get a call once a year whenever its time to review the rates again and can just say yes there and then which suits me down the ground.

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