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Tina switched her energy with Make It Cheaper and saved £2000! She's decided to spend the money on some renovation work.


The Thirsk and Sowerby Institute, under the careful guidance of manager Tina, has become the beating heart of the North Yorkshire community of Thirsk. From birthday parties and village fayres to dart matches and bingo, the social club has become a symbol of community in the North Yorkshire village and responsible for keeping the smiles on the faces of its residents.

So, when Tina felt she was being unfairly charged for the energy that was being used to run the village hall, she decided to turn to Make It Cheaper for help to maximise the amount that she could save.

It was Make It Cheaper’s savings expert Ruku who was given the task of turning Tina’s energy worries into a care-free smile. All it took was a short phone conversation about The Thirsk and Sowerby Institute and Ruku was able to put Tina’s mind at ease by saving a whopping £2000 on the hall’s energy bills!

With the savings Tina is planning on spreading the smiles even further by giving the hall a fancy new makeover, so it can keep serving the small community of Thirsk for many more years to come.

Be careful – this smiling malarkey is infectious.

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