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The Albion Knitting Company

Make It Cheaper helped The Albion Knitting Company out of a woolly situation with their energy installation.

Jamie O'Neill returned to the UK from China to start a new business - he wanted to open the first fully fashioned, flat knitting manufacturing company in London since the 1940s.

When he got in touch with Make It Cheaper he was already frustrated with how energy suppliers were treating him:

"I have found service companies very difficult to get in touch with in general, even after the first point of contact. No direct lines are given - only 0845 or 0345 - and you have to go through the same lengthy process to reach the same person each time.

“The first energy supplier who contacted me basically entrapped me over the phone into a 3 year contract.

“With Make It Cheaper, I was able to contact Huw directly by both telephone & email and he helped me get out of this inadequate contract and set up a new supply in a timely manner.”

Jamie got in touch with Make It Cheaper when he was refitting his factory and trying to make sense of his own energy needs. His energy expert, Huw, helped him understand that his factory needed its supply upgraded to half-hourly meters to ensure it could cope with The Albion Knitting Company’s energy usage.

Unfortunately it wasn't all smooth sailing. An issue with the installation of the new meters meant that Huw had to manage the relationship between the meter operator (Siemens) and energy supplier (Npower) to make sure Jamie's factory had power to open for business on the date he’d intended.

Now that everything is set up, and Jamie's business is in full-flow, we asked him whether he'd use us again.

"Certainly - any new product where you feel you can offer me better rates, I am open for business!"

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