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Botanics Dental Care - Savings to smiles

Tara saved £750 by switching, with the money being used to add the finishing touches to her office rennovation.

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Tara's story

Working in dental care, Tara is used to looking after her customer’s smiles. But, when she contacted our business savings expert Josh for help saving on her business’s overheads, it was Tara who was the one left smiling.  

When Tara first reached out to Make It Cheaper for help with her business’s bills, she had no idea how much she could save. Now, £750 later and there’s no hiding those pearly whites.

“You guys are fantastic. I've had no problems. The guys are always great to deal with. The staff are obviously well trained and it's how I would want my team to speak to our patients.”

But it gets better! With her unexpected savings, Tara was able to make Botanics Dental Care an even better place to work by adding the final touches to her office renovation.

So, you could say that we’re looking after Tara’s smile, so she can continue to look after her customer’s smile! Talk about the butterfly effect!

Why not give us a call and get beaming yourself? See how much we could save for your business. Call us today on 0800 158 5271.

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