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Simon Webster Hair - Savings to Style

Sophie saved her employers £2000 and is planning to out the money towards the final touches of her stylish new salon renovation.

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Sophie's story

Elegant, eclectic, eccentric - all words that have been used to describe Brighton’s Simon Webster Hair. But now you can add ‘stylish-saver’ to that list.

When Sophie found herself in a hairy situation with her business’s bills, it was Make It Cheaper’s very own Alex who came to the rescue. All it took was a brew and a short conversation to save Sophie and her employer a hair raising £2000!

Having just given the Salon a marvellous new makeover to match her stylish new saver ways, Sophie is planning on reinvesting the savings back into the salon.

“'It will be useful this year in particular because of the salon re-fit. The money saved with the new contract will put some money back in the pot where we have used it on the refurbishment. I was really pleased with the service. It was simple to use. It has benefited in terms of giving us a good price. So very pleased.”

But, it didn’t stop there. With Do It For You, Make It Cheaper can organise Sophie’s switch year after year. So she can rest easy knowing that we’re watching over her energy bills year, after year, after year.

Do you need backup when it comes to your business’s energy bills? Give us a call today on 0800 158 5271 to speak with one of our business savings experts.

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