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Simone made a saving of £180 for her employers and is planning to take her team out for a well deserved break and team building exercise.

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Simone's story

This is the story of when Simone contacted Make It Cheaper about her business’s insurance. She was just looking to make a simple saving, but ended up with much more!

It started like so many other savings stories – a brew, and a short conversation. But, like any good story there is a twist, and it came when Make It Cheaper’s savings expert Mark found that Simone could not only reduce the amount she was spending on her insurance, but also increase the amount of cover her business is receiving! Now, that’s going the extra mile…

So, A £180 saving and a new more comprehensive policy later and Simone had some very nice things to say about Make it Cheaper.

“Whenever I had any questions he would get back to me and even if he couldn't give me the answer he would say he would look in to it for me and get back to me. He never kept me hanging.”

E.K. Communications have been in the communications business for over 30 years’. So, when they complement your communication skills, you know its high praise!

Now for the happy ending. With the savings, Simone plans to treat her hard working staff to a day-out of the office for some well earnt relaxation and team building! And to think it all started with a short phone call and a brew!

Want your own business savings fairy-tale? Why not give us a call on 0800 158 5271 and begin writing your own tale of amazing savings.

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