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Roy saved an impressive £9,200 by switching, with the money going towards improving resources for students at the academy.

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Roy's story

For the past 25 years, the Manchester Academy of English has been a vital study centre for people who’ve moved to the UK looking to learn the lingo.

With such a diverse range of nationalities to cater for, the academy spends a lot of money supporting its students - and can now afford to splash an extra £9,200 after switching to a better energy deal!

It was Roy Greaves who earned full marks for making the decision to switch the academy's supplier, signing a two year contract that fixes their prices for the next 24 months.

"We would have to do absolutely loads to make that money [£9,200] in other ways," Roy explained. "We have 80 students at the moment but it will go up to 200 in the summer. We'll use it [the money] to buy stationery and books. The students will benefit from more knowledge."

The great news about Roy's decision to switch is that the academy is now immune to any price rises that may occur over the next two years, keeping the bookkeeper smiling as well as the students.

From savings to studies, Roy's decision to call Make It Cheaper has certainly had an impact that will be felt beyond the energy bills.

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