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Nigel Clarke Properties

“Brilliant! We managed to save £15,000 and you did all the switching paperwork as well.”

"Brilliant! We managed to save £15,000 and you did all the switching paperwork as well."

  • Location: Birmingham
  • Sector: Hotels & Property Management
  • Saving: £15K

It's not often that you can save £15,000 in overheads with one phone call but that's what Hazel Healey managed. Hazel works for Nigel Clarke, one of Birmingham's largest accommodation providers for the homeless, running 14 hostel residences as well as two independent hotels.

"Our business gas and business electricity bills had been escalating over the past few years and its not surprising when you consider that at full occupancy there can be 415 people in residence, all using hairdryers, bedside lights, kettles - not to mention lighting and heating."

Hazel, based at The Dormy Hotel, knew there was an opportunity to review utility costs for the entire business but hit a brick wall when she tried to get all their different suppliers to do one rate for the sixteen different sites. She searched on the internet for a business price comparison service and found Make It Cheaper.

"I called up and spoke to Peter who was brilliant", said Hazel. "He managed to save us £15,000 year on our gas and electricity bills and he did all the switching paperwork as well."

Nigel Clarke said, "Hazel has made a massive contribution to the business with one phone call - we strive to keep our costs down and it's more important than ever during this recession when our hostel services are desperately needed."

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