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Maxy Superstore

Maxy Superstore in Croydon saves £1.5k with Make It Cheaper. See what we can do for your business.

  • Location: Croydon
  • Sector: Retail
  • Saving: £1.5k

When Mr Kumar took over the Maxy Superstore, a community convenience store in Croydon, he fully expected to inherit a can of worms sorting out the bills. He already owns a network of four other shops in the area and has fallen foul of the energy suppliers' terms and conditions in the past.

Having missed the renewal window on another business electricity contract by just a week he has learned the hard way that being 'rolled over' is an expensive, an unnecessary mistake. Keen to get it right from the start he was 'really fed up' to learn that the incumbent supplier was trying to apply an excessive rate of over 20p/unit on the new shop and were, unsurprisingly, keen to tie him in to a long term contract.

Fortunately Mr Kumar's bank manager happened to recommended Make It Cheaper's free and impartial bill and contract checking service so he made a call. Make It Cheaper found a one year deal with an alternative supplier offering 'new customer' rates of 7.8p/unit (day) and 4.4p/unit (night). These rates will save Mr Kumar at least £1,500 a year. Needless to say, he is now asking Make It Cheaper to look at the utility bills across all his other properties too.

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