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Marks Story | Whitby Fisherman's Society F.C.

Mark switched his energy with Make It Cheaper and saved £890! He's decided to spend the money on carrying out some much needed repairs.


Loyalty pays in certain types of business but the same can’t be said for the energy market. Once you’re out of contract, your supplier is free to roll you onto the most expensive rates, regardless of how long you’ve been with them.

Knowing that you can compare prices and save money is a powerful tool and one that we aim to help you use, in the same way we helped Mark.

Proprietor of a clubhouse for a football club, he’d been paying expensive rates for some time, not knowing he could be saving.

Robert, here at Make it Cheaper took him through the options and was able to save him almost £900! The savings will be put to good use sprucing up the clubhouse and making repairs.

Want to boot your old supplier? Give us a call today on #phonenumber and we’ll see how much we can save you.

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