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LC Packaging

"Everything is now checked and reviewed every year and if necessary we will switch again"

  • Sector: Packaging
  • Location: Lincolnshire
  • Saving: £10,000

With 90 years' experience, a 150-strong workforce, eight plants in Europe, its own factories and exclusive production partners worldwide, LC Packaging is one of the largest packaging specialists in Europe.

The company provides flexible packaging for industry and agribusiness including bulk bags, woven and extruded netting, produce bags and shrink films. Its 6,000 square metre storage facility near Spalding in Lincolnshire is the base from which growers and packers throughout the UK are supplied to help transport their goods to supermarket shelves and, ultimately, to kitchen fridges up and down the country.

Two years ago Tony Gardiner took over the responsibilities of Office Manager at LC Packaging and immediately set about reviewing costs to find ways of reducing overheads. He surprised himself by saving the business over £10,000 in the first 12 months simply by shopping around and negotiating with suppliers. Phone bills, parcel and pallet distribution all came under scrutiny but the most significant proportion of the initial saving was made by switching the company's gas and electricity supplier.

Breaking the ongoing - and previously overlooked - contract renewal cycle meant that LC Packaging could take advantage of rates that another supplier was offering to attract new customers. And by using Make It Cheaper, Tony is now reminded each time the annual renewal window opens. This gives him the reassurance that he will never be lulled by his energy supplier into paying over the odds for the 47,000 kWh consumed annually in the Lincolnshire storage facility.

"Energy companies obviously generate their profits from customers who allow their contracts to automatically renew", says Tony. "It's a shame that's how they have to operate. There should be discounts for loyalty, not penalties. It means that everything is now checked and reviewed every year and if necessary we will switch again. I'm pleased to say, however, that our new company has offered us further discounts to stay with them."

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