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Kingfield Electronics

Make It Cheaper helped Kingfield Electronics surge forward with their expansion by arranging the installation of a new half hourly meter.

Since 1985, Kingfield Electronics has specialised in providing Contract Electronics Manufacturing (CEM) services - designing and building tailor-made electronics solutions for a wide variety of clients.

They have recently undergone expansion to manufacture products on a much larger scale. To meet their new energy demands, a new supply with a larger capacity needed to be installed. This had to be on a half hourly meter – and because of our expertise in setting up these contracts, Kingfield Electronics turned to Make It Cheaper for help.

Alongside the new supply and meter, Kingfield Electronics also needed a new energy tariff set up. Their spokesperson, Martin Green told us:

"We have never been involved in half hourly metering before and the advice and information provided by Make It Cheaper was very helpful. The timescales were very tight and the factory was dependent on a smooth transition to maintain production."

Unfortunately for Kingfield Electronics, the new energy set up couldn’t be completed in one or two phone calls – conversations needed to occur between them and the Power Distribution Company, the Electricity Meter Provider, the Electricity Supply Company, the Data Collection and Aggregation Company, a building company and their own electrical contractor. That’s why we were indispensable to Martin - we liaised with these companies for him and arranged the new energy supply for Kingfield Electronics:

"We chose Make It Cheaper as they were responsive, understood what we were trying to achieve and the tight deadlines that we were working to and enabled us to change our energy supply without interrupting our production schedule, and delivered a cost reduction of approximately 10% on our tariff costs.


"They achieved this by helping us to provide the correct information in a timely manner to all the necessary agencies, and by doing this they ensured that the other agencies involved provided their equipment in a timely manner.


"We would strongly recommend your services to others."

It’s great to see our expertise pay off – by helping another company to cut out the time and hassle of setting up a new energy contract, we’ve enabled them to focus on achieving their own goals for growth and productivity.

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