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Kathy Smith saved £2,700 with Make It Cheaper - and used it to put a smile on the faces of her employees. Find out how you can do the same.


Moving into a new business premises can be a lengthy process - especially when you're taking over three adjoining properties with six energy meters.

That's exactly what Kathy Smith had to contend with when she set up her new venture, SBH Radiators - and things weren't made any easier by the fact her energy was being provided by four different suppliers.

Fortunately Kathy called Make It Cheaper to ask for help. We quickly worked out that she paying expensive out of contract rates, meaning that there was plenty of money to be saved by signing up to a new deal that guaranteed great rates on each of her six meters.

"My adviser was extremely patient, listened and comprehended my needs clearly," Kathy explained. "We saved around £300 a month (£2,700 a year!), which will help my cash flow tremendously."

Kathy was understandably delighted - and we were just as thrilled when we heard what she planned to do with the savings she'd made by switching.

"I'm looking for ways of providing staff perks. There are a couple of online companies that provide discounts, vouchers, bottles of wine and stuff like that. Rewards make people feel more valued - it's great that they're here and you want people to feel appreciated," she said.

With £2,700 to splash, we're sure that there will be some smiling faces at SBH Radiators in the coming months!

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