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Every Nation London - Savings to a decent cup of coffee

Julian switched his energy with Make It Cheaper and saved £150! He's decided to spend the money on a bean-to-cup coffee machine.

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Julian's story

Finding a new energy deal for your business is one thing, finding the time to find a new energy deal is another. Julian found himself both short on time, and on the wrong energy deal, so he decided to turn to Make It Cheaper for help.

When Charlie – one of Make It Cheaper’s savings experts – heard about Julian’s predicament, he set out to make his switch as efficient and pain free as possible.

Fortunately, this was simple for Charlie with the Make It Cheaper service. After a short conversation about Julian’s business energy needs, he was able to find the right deal in minutes!

“Finding the cheapest providers on a highly confusing gas & electricity market, cancelling the current provider in the right time window, having to deal with each of their customer services can be quite a mission - thanks to [Make It Cheaper] it is just one phone call. Thank you so much!”

With the savings, Julian plans on treating his staff to a bean-to-cup coffee machine – fancy! So, when it’s time to renew, Julian can sit back with a cup of freshly ground coffee, while we hook him up with another great energy deal for his business.

Want to know more about saving on your business’s energy? Why not give us a call today on 0800 158 5271 and speak with one of our savings advisors?

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