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Guy Clapham

"We were pretty much guaranteed to find savings as we’d never previously negotiated for cheaper electricity.”

  • Location: London
  • Sector: Legal
  • Saving: £1.6k

Guy Clapham & Co has been providing legal services from its West End offices since 1982. Its clients range from private individuals contemplating their house purchase to multi-million pound businesses.

Among the overheads that the business meets each month, electricity is fairly low down on the list in terms of expense. However where it differs from, say, rent or wages is that energy rates can be tackled and brought down by shopping around. The price per unit for electricity charged to businesses can vary threefold depending on your circumstances and often creeps up once you've been with the same supplier for more than a year.

The defining moment for Guy Clapham came courtesy of a 'Professional Update' email from the Law Society which talked about its partnership with Make It Cheaper and the free, impartial and no-obligation switching service on offer to its members.

Louise Clapham, who took on the task of looking at the electricity rates, commented:

"You need a nudge every now and then to get you to do the little things that you know make sense but never seem to have time for. An email like this, particularly from someone like the Law Society, was just the prompt we needed and seemed like an easy way to tackle the problem. We also knew that we were pretty much guaranteed to find savings as we'd never previously negotiated for cheaper electricity."

Once Make It Cheaper had confirmed that the partnership was not tied into a long-term contract with its current supplier, it quoted a selection of new rates available, each with different lengths of fixed price periods. Louise settled for a two year Scottish Power deal of 8.6 pence per unit. Compared to the old rates it was paying, this will save Guy Clapham around 40% - or £1,600 - on its electricity bills over the contract period.

If you are a member of the Law Society and would like to see what savings Make It Cheaper can arrange for your business, click here.

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