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Great Aycliffe Town Council

"Much more competitive rates... generated significant savings across all service areas."

"Much more competitive rates... generated significant savings across all service areas."

  • Location: County Durham
  • Sector: Local Council
  • Saving: £15k

Situated between Darlington and Durham, Great Aycliffe's Town Council has saved over £15,000 a year since the start of 2009 when it first used Make It Cheaper to find it the best rates for its energy consumption. Spread over a variety of sites from offices to sports facilities to maintenance depots, it has five gas and ten electricity meters. These range in consumption between up to 680,000 kWh for gas and 325,000 kWh for electricity. The highest rates that the council has been able to switch away from have been 6.7p/kWh for gas and 17p/kWh for electricity prices per unit. The rates it is currently paying are less than half these amounts at 3.15p/kWh for gas and 7.9p/kWh for electricity.

Dan Austin, finance manager at Great Aycliffe's Town Council commented: "Prior to contacting Make It Cheaper, the Council was encountering various problems in dealing with the minefield that is energy buying. Contracts were spread over various suppliers with different contract periods, complicated contract terms and difficulties getting out of contracts. This led to the Council getting tied into out-of-contract rates on many of its energy supplies. Working with Make It Cheaper has helped the Council transfer all of its supplies onto much more competitive rates and manage its energy contracts in a much more efficient manner, which has generated significant savings across all service areas."

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