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Daleside Nurseries

We rose to the occasion and saved Daleside Nurseries more than £3,500 a year.

Daleside Nurseries, based in North Yorkshire, is a family-owned plant retailer.

The plants they sell are grown in their own 20 acre nursery, which takes a substantial amount of gas and electricity to sustain. To keep the cost of their energy bills down, they got in touch with Make It Cheaper. One of our people – Iain McCulloch – was able to review their rates and consumption needs before finding them a cheaper solution.

For both the gas and electricity he was able to negotiate a better deal with their current suppliers. He secured a cheaper rate with CNG for their gas, dropping their day rate substantially and keeping their standing charge at zero. Then, with their current electricity supplier Scottish Power, Iain increased the contract length to two years and negotiated a price rise of less than 0.05 pence on their day rate and standing charge – their electricity bill will now increase by a miniscule £3.85 per year.

This means that for the next 12 months, Daleside Nurseries are looking at a total saving of £3,733.78 on their energy bills.

When asked if we made switching and saving easy, their accounts manager Diane Lowis said:

"It has made my life so much easier going through your company to get the best deal on our electric and gas. It has cut out the hassle and saved us money. We would definitely recommend you to other clients for a fuss-free switch over. Yes, we have trawled through the other companies trying to get a better deal, all very time consuming and not always with a satisfactory outcome. We switched both utilities and it was a painless, seamless operation. We were kept informed of the progress and overall have been really pleased with everything."

The service that Daleside Nurseries receives from us won't just stop when their new contracts go live. To make sure they’re happy with the service we'll keep in touch throughout the year, and when their deal is up for renewal we’ll be on hand to make sure their energy contracts stay fuss-free.

It’s fair to say that, through our expertise and negotiation skills, we were able to prove that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

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