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Chesterfield Cattery

Derbyshire's Chesterfield Cattery saves £1.5k with Make It Cheaper. Find out how we can help your business save through switching.

  • Location: Derbyshire
  • Sector: Pets
  • Saving: £1.5k

Debbie Thomas runs the Chesterfield Cattery in Derbyshire. As an ex-veterinary nurse, she can cater for the needs of most cats, including administering medication and injections. It has room for 46 cats and, out of all the overheads faced by the business, electricity is the most punishing. This is thanks largely to heat lamps that run constantly 24/7 from October throughout the Winter period.

Half way through last year, Debbie's five-year contract was about to expire and the supplier wrote to her with a renewal notification. Debbie was expecting a slight increase but not the three-fold hike in the unit rate that she was served with. Horrified, she rang round a couple of brokers to see if she could switch supplier. Make It Cheaper came up with the best company electric deal at around 10p per unit and, significantly, a much lower rate (5.7p) for nighttime units.

Click here to visit the Chesterfield Cattery website.

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