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Burn Marketing

Case study describing how Burn Marketing in Richmond, Surrey, saved on their gas and electricity with Make It Cheaper.

Burn Marketing in Richmond, Surrey is currently paying 8.5p/unit for its electricity, which is well below the national average of 14p/unit for small businesses on fixed-priced contracts. In fact, based on its consumption, this equates to a saving of over £3,450 a year against the rates that its previous supplier would have been charging the company if it had done nothing during its renewal window.

Like many businesses, Burn inherited its electricity supplier from the tenant who had previously occupied the building - and it was only after a mistake by a meter reader that prompted the company to review its energy rates. They discovered they were paying well over the odds.

Burn director, Guy McConnell, explains: "We suddenly received a quarterly bill of £15k which is way out of proportion for a business of our size. We later learned it was because of an incorrect meter reading but the process of sorting it all out with the supplier was painful with a lot of unnecessary calls and effort on our part. Up until then, inertia was the only thing that had kept us with the same supplier so this episode was enough to persuade us to look around at other options."

As Guy was quoted prices for new gas and electricity contracts by Make It Cheaper, it dawned on him just what a bad deal Burn had been on.

"A 30-minute call saved us thousands and that's money straight to the bottom line", Guy continues. "We were switching novices at the time and so I also liked the way we were taken through the process step-by-step. I now get the importance of timing when it comes to renewing energy contracts and rely on Make It Cheaper to tell me exactly when to act and what my options are. As a business owner, it really is a no-brainer to make time for that call once a year."

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