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O. H. Mower Services - Savings to sales

Beth saved £250 after speaking to one of our experts - a sum which went a long way to driving more sales and boosting the business's online presence.

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Beth's story

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O. H. Mower Services is a small family run business based in Hereford that specialises in the sale, repair and servicing of domestic and professional garden machinery.

Beth, who helps take care of things at O. H. Mower Services, was looking to trim the cost of the business's energy bills in an effort to raise a bit of extra cash. Being the savvy shopper she is, Beth called Make It Cheaper and asked us to compare prices from our panel of trusted suppliers.

A quick chat with one of our energy experts was all it took - fifteen minutes later, Beth had switched to a better deal and saved £250 for the business. We asked her to explain how big an impact the saving would have.

“With what we saved on business energy, we’ve been able to expand the business further, and much more quickly than we would’ve done without the saving," she said.

"We saved £250 which is the equivalent of £930 in takings. We’ve also been able to create more online sales, as we have the spare cash to be able to rent a franking machine and are able to spend more time on packing and selling,’’ Beth added.

So there you have it - from sacoteurs and shears to savings and sales. All it took was one short phone call.

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