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Barbarellas Sandwich Shop

A case study detailing how Barbarellas Sandwich Shop saved more than £1,000 by switching electricity with Make It Cheaper.

Barbarellas Sandwich Shop on Lower Marsh, near London's Waterloo station, has been paying 9.2 pence per unit for its business electricity since April 2012. This amount is significantly below the national average for small businesses on long-term, fixed-priced contracts - which is around 14 pence.

Based on the electricity consumption at Barbarellas, the rate they secured in April 2012 equates to a saving of over £1,000 a year against the amount its previous supplier would have liked to have charged when it attempted to roll Barbarellas onto a new contract.

Fortunately, Barbarellas owner - Jasmine MacKenzie - was on the ball. She had been using Make It Cheaper's free and impartial service for several years so knew exactly how to play the renewal game and win one over on her energy suppliers.

One of Make It Cheaper's saving experts, Joshua Smith, made contact with Jasmine as soon as she had received her renewal letter from her previous supplier. Having searched the whole market, Joshua then arranged Barbarellas' switch to Opus Energy - a smaller supplier that was offering the best alternative deal at the time.

"Joshua from Make It Cheaper completed the transfer with professionalism and speed. I think everything is handled with such great professionalism that I could not improve it any more", commented Jasmine, who can now get on with her day-to-day job, safe in the knowledge that someone else is keeping an eye on her renewal dates and is ready to prompt her into action next time around.

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