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RSPCA North Wiltshire Branch - Savings to A Dream

Anna made a huge step towards realising her dream after she saved £150 with Make It Cheaper.

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Anna's story

By simply switching her energy, animal welfare worker Anna was able to take a step closer to realising her dream of opening Swindon’s first RSPCA animal welfare centre – and all it took was a quick conversation about her business energy with Make It Cheaper.

The RSPCA North Wiltshire Branch was busy on the fateful day that Anna decided to get in touch with Make It Cheaper. Her charity was beginning to struggle with rising energy bills, so Anna decided to seek help and fight back.

This was no problem for Make It Cheaper’s savings hero Jack. After chatting with Anna about her charities energy needs, he was able to tackle her bills head on and shave off an impressive £150. But, what left Anna truly beaming was the ease of the whole process.

“Every little bit helps when you are a charity. It will go towards our goal of opening an animal welfare centre in Swindon.”

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