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Save on business calls with VoIP services

Save on business calls with VoIP services

Find out what you need to utilize VoIP technology to make business phone calls and start saving 6-how-to-choose-business-landline As business expenses continue to rise, VoIP services (Voice over Internet) have become a significant means of reducing costs for UK small businesses (SMEs). A recent study by Telappliant revealed that the two primary reasons for implementing VoIP services were the need to reduce overall communication costs and to allow staff more flexibility to work from home or from another location. The implementation of VoIP services has proven to reduce communication expenses in SMEs by as much as 80%.

Are SMEs taking advantage of VoIP services?

While the savings can be significant, the uptake of VoIP services in UK SMEs has been rather slow when compared to their continental counterparts. A 2006 industry study revealed that three quarters of managers in UK SMEs did not understand the impact of VOIP in businesses. Fortunately, the majority of SMEs have recognising the benefits of VoIP calls, with a recent study finding that seven out of ten SMEs indicate they will implement VoIP services by 2013.

Voice over IP essentially allows analogue telephone calls to be made through your broadband connection. It does this by converting the analogue voice signal into a digitalized data package and sent it across in internet and converts it back into an analogue signal once it reaches its destination.

How to make sure you are "VoIP compliant"

To take advantage of VoIP services, SMEs require high speed internet connectivity and in some cases an upgrade of their phone systems. To assist SMEs in the rollout of VoIP services, the government has launched Broadband Delivery UK, a dedicated organisation which helps councils to implement high speed broadband services across the UK, which means more areas will be able to take advantage from web fuelled business.

Get expert advice to maximise VoIP savings

At Make It Cheaper, we have been working for several years providing cheaper landline and broadband solutions to SMEs across the UK, and have now included VoIP services as part of our on-going commitment to saving SMEs more money on their business costs.

Give our expert team a call today on 0800 980 2092 for your impartial and free VoIP advice and see how much you could save. We are also available for tailored landline and broadband advice, so give out team a call and see how much you could save.