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Business Phone Lines: Introduction

Every business knows the importance of being connected to the outside world, but have you ever stopped to think whether or not your phone and broadband services are suited to your needs?

There are four main factors that need to be taken into account when deciding if your current deal is right for you. The first two to consider are related to your internet connection - do you have access to the speeds you need, and is your provider imposing a download limit that's compromising your operations?

The next aspects to take into account relate to your phone services - do you have enough lines to manage the volume of calls your business processes, and do your charges reflect the calls you typically make?

These are the questions we can help you answer. By understanding your business's operations and the current setup of your connections, we'll be able to search the market to find the deals that work best for you.

Business Phone Benefits

Business phone lines offer a wide array of benefits - and in many cases represent a better option than the domestic deals that are on the market.

As you'd expect, this is because business-specific services tend to come with bonuses that aren't available to typical household customers. This includes call management systems, capped call charges and three-way calling functions.

With more cost-effective deals on offer - not to mention the extra expertise that dedicated business phone line providers can boast - it's always worth exploring how much you could save by choosing a tailored phone package that's been built with your needs in mind.

Choosing your extras

With such a variety of business phone deals available, it's important to take time to think about the extras that you may or may not need.

While certain additional functions can be valuable even to the smallest of businesses, some of the packages on offer are aimed at bigger, multi-national businesses.

If you think your business is paying for phone functions that you don't require as part of your operations, there's every possibility you could save money by removing these from your deal. That's where our experts are on hand to help.


Phone and broadband services are increasingly becoming a combined product, with suppliers offering businesses access to both services as part of the same package.

These packages - often referred to as bundles - can be more cost effective than getting separate deals for your landline and internet connections. They're also far easier for you to keep track of from an expense and contract perspective, as you don't have to look out for two separate bills every month.

As mentioned elsewhere, if you are getting a bundle, it's important to ensure it includes features that are relevant to your business and its needs. Phone and broadband deals that complement each other are a great way to minimise your costs and improve efficiency.

Capping your costs

It's always a good idea to cap the cost of certain calls your business might make, which helps to reduce the risk of your bills unexpectedly spiralling. For example, if your business regularly makes international calls, capping the costs can avoid you overspending and ensure you keep greater control of your bills.

If you would like to cap specific costs, you'll need to make sure this is specified in the deal you sign up to with your provider, so bear this in mind when you're looking for the package that's right for your business.