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Workshop Insurance

Workshop Insurance


What is workshop insurance?

Whether you own a mechanical repair, carpentry, joinery or any other type of workshop, you’ll rely on tools and equipment to keep your business running. So, you’ll need to be covered in the event of your equipment becoming damaged, lost or stolen. That way, you can replace or repair it quickly.

You’ll also need protection against legal fees and compensation costs should an employee get injured. There is always a risk, as they deal with specialist equipment.

Why do I need workshop insurance?

Workshop insurance protects your business against financial losses related to employee injury or illness, and damage, loss or theft of your equipment. If your business relies on certain items of equipment to function, having this type of cover is essential.

Which type of workshop insurance do I need?

Whether you work on your own or employ staff, you’ll need quality commercial insurance to protect your workshop against risks and claims. Here are a few examples of the policies you’ll need:

How much does workshop insurance cost?

This depends on a number of factors, including the type and size of your workshop. All commercial insurance packages should be unique and adapted to the needs of your business.

The main factors that affect the price of your insurance are:

The potential for risk: The likelihood that you’ll need to make a claim will be assessed.Nature of your business: You may be required by law to have certain policies in place due to your number of employees or main trade.Levels of cover: This depends on the size of your contents and building.Size of your business: Your turnover and number of employees. To find the right balance between cost and cover, call us on 0800 970 0077.

What are the limits and exclusions to workshop insurance?

As with all insurance policies, there are a few exclusions. Circumstances typically not covered within this policy are:

  • Goods in transit insurance
  • Cash on premises cover
  • Business interruption insurance
  • Personal accident insurance
  • Business travel
  • Terrorism cover
  • Engineering insurance
  • Cancellation of events or contracts

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