Window Fitters Insurance

Alongside gaining the skills and experience necessary to offer an expert service, being a professional window fitter comes with a host of responsibilities that you’ll be required to fulfil in order to run your business effectively.

Whether you’re self-employed or run a window fitting business, an important aspect of your work is ensuring your business is fully protected against the risks you face as part of your daily business activities. In order to do so, you can choose from a range of key policies to create a comprehensive window fitters insurance package. 

Some of these policies include:

  • Public liability insurance:
    From working with delicate materials and sharp tools to working at height, your business is particularly vulnerable to accidents that may affect your customers and members of the public. Public liability insurance can provide protection against claims by third-parties that your business activities have caused them to suffer illness or injury, or caused damage to their property. This cover can provide the finances necessary to defend against claims of this type and can cover the cost of compensation you may be required to pay as a result. This is why it's important to go for a cheap public liability insurance policy, and ensure that you are getting full comprehensive cover.
  • Product liability insurance:
    This cover can provide financial assistance if you need to defend against claims from members of the public that a product you have supplied, sold or used for your business has caused them to suffer injury – or caused damage to their property. To help avoid claims of this type, you’ll need to make sure the glass you use follows all building regulations and complies with industry standards.
  • Professional indemnity insurance:
    As you are providing a professional service to your customers – and may provide related advice – professional indemnity insurance can be a key aspect of your overall insurance package. This cover can provide financial assistance if you face claims from your customers that a service you have provided – or advice you have given – has caused them to suffer material, physical or financial loss.
  • Employers’ liability insurance:
    If you employ staff as part of your window fitting business, you are legally required to purchase employers’ liability insurance. This includes any part-time staff, trainees and labour-only subcontractors, and can be extended to include temporary employees. Employers’ liability insurance can provide financial assistance with the costs of defending against, and paying compensation for, claims from your employees that working for you has caused them to become ill or suffer injury.

    You may also consider purchasing employee dishonesty insurance, which can help with any losses you incur due to the fraudulent acts of your employees, such as theft. 
  • Buildings and contents insurance:
    If you are based at a business premises, you may benefit from buildings insurance which can provide financial assistance if you need to repair the main structure of your building and its permanent fixtures and fittings after events such as strong weather damage or vandalism. You can also add contents insurance to your policy, which can provide similar protection for your business contents, including office furniture, computers, equipment, stock, materials and the tools of your trade.
  • Tools insurance:
    Tools insurance can be purchased as an alternative – or in addition to – contents insurance. This cover is specifically designed to cover the tools and equipment you need for your business and can provide financial assistance if you need to repair or replace these items after damage, destruction, theft and loss. Insurers may offer 24 hour protection so your tools are protected even when in storage overnight. You may also consider plant and machinery insurance if you regularly use larger tools and equipment in your business, whether owned or hired.

    If you regularly travel with your tools, goods in transit insurance and vehicle insurance can come in handy. The former can provide protection for your tools, equipment and materials while they are transported from site to site while the latter can provide financial assistance if the vehicle you use for business purposes is damaged or stolen. If you have more than one business vehicle, you may consider fleet insurance which can cover multiple vehicles.
  • Contract works insurance:
    Contract works insurance is a potentially crucial addition to your window fitters insurance package. This cover can provide financial assistance in the event of damage, loss or destruction regarding the property you are working on and the materials you are using. Contract works insurance is also known as Contractors’ All-Risks (CAR) insurance, and can help pay for extra labour costs and replacement materials and tools.
  • Cash on premises cover:
    This cover can provide monetary compensation if your business money is stolen. Typically, cash on premises cover applies to business money whether it is in safes, in cash registers or wallets and while in transit to and from a site or the bank.
  • Business interruption insurance:
    Business interruption insurance can provide financial assistance with any loss of revenue you experience if you’re left unable to trade at full capacity due to an insured event. Whether you’ve lost a staff member or have to deal with the theft of your tools, this cover can provide financial assistance with any increased costs of working you experience, such as hiring replacement tools and finding temporary staff.
  • Personal accident:
    In a similar vein, personal accident insurance can provide financial assistance to cover any loss of revenue you experience because you have fallen seriously ill or are seriously injured. This cover can also provide the finances necessary to pay hospital bills or to make any necessary adaptations to your home or business. 
  • Insurance Backed Guarantees (IBGs):
    You may consider purchasing an Insurance Backed Guarantee for your company. This type of insurance assures your customer that, should your business cease to trade, the work you have done for them is still guaranteed under insurance. This means if your work is deemed to be defective or if you have been found to be negligent up to ten years after you have completed your work, your customer is protected even if you have stopped trading by this time.

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