Window cleaners insurance

As a window cleaner, you are no doubt aware of the risks you face on a daily basis – including working at heights and working with chemicals. Your business can be significantly affected if you do not have the proper protection to cover any accidents that may occur while carrying out your work.

Whether you work for commercial or domestic clients, are a sole trader or work within a team, you can benefit from the security and protection provided by a comprehensive window cleaners insurance package.

Some of the key policies you could expect to make up a suitable insurance for window cleaners package include:

  • Public liability insurance:
    Public liability insurance can cover your business if your customer or a member of the public claims your business has caused them to suffer illness or injury – or resulted in damage to their property. This cover can provide the necessary funds to defend against the claim in court and pay any compensation. The policy can include any claims that arise if you or an employee fails to properly secure your customers’ premises.

    You’ll find that public liability insurance is offered as standard by most insurers, although some insurers also specify an exclusion stating that the policy will not cover the glass you are cleaning. Typically, you’ll need to extend the cover if you’d like to include this – termed ‘Damage to Property Being Worked On’.

    Depending on local authority regulations in the area where you’re based, you may need to apply for a window cleaning licence, which can include paying a fee and providing proof of your public liability insurance.

    The level of cover your customers expect from you may differ depending on whether you work for domestic or commercial clients. The latter typically requires you to be covered for more than the standard amount.
  • Professional indemnity insurance:
    If you're asking 'do I need professional indemnity insurance', you should consider that it can provide financial assistance if you need to defend against claims by customers that your service – or any advice you have provided in connection with your profession – is deemed to have resulted in them suffering material, physical or financial loss.

    You may include treatment risks insurance alongside this cover, which can provide protection for damage to property caused by chemicals or solutions you use for cleaning. Claims of this nature typically deal with discolouration or damage to the area being cleaned.
  • Employers’ liability insurance:
    If you have employees as part of your window cleaning business, you’ll need to make sure you are adequately covered for any claims that may be brought against you from your employees. Employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement for anyone who employs workers, and can provide cover for claims from your employees that they have suffered illness or injury due to working for you. You’ll need this cover if you use labour-only subcontractors, volunteers and trainees, but not if you solely use self-employed contractors.

    You may consider purchasing employee dishonesty insurance, which can provide cover for any losses you experience due to the fraudulent acts of an employee.
  • Buildings and contents insurance:
    If you operate out of a business premises, you may consider buildings insurance and contents insurance. Buildings insurance can provide protection from weather and malicious damage for the main structure of your premises, along with its fixtures and fittings. Contents insurance can provide protection from damage, theft and loss for your business contents, including furniture and equipment, stock, specialist tools and equipment, and any plant and machinery you use.
  • Tools insurance:
    While you can rely on contents insurance to protect the specific tools and equipment used in your trade, you may consider purchasing tools insurance separately. Tools insurance can provide financial assistance if you need to repair or replace the tools, equipment, plant and machinery you use in your business if they suffer damage, theft or loss. This typically includes all-risks cover for specialist equipment – including the reach and wash system and the water-fed pole system.

    If you use machinery such as cherry pickers, scissor lifts, cradles and abseiling equipment you may consider purchasing plant and machinery insurance separately, which can cover any owned and hired plant.
  • Cash on premises cover:
    Cash on premises cover can provide protection for your business money in case of theft. This cover typically applies to money in safes and cash registers, in your wallet or in transit. It may be worth purchasing personal assault cover which can provide financial assistance if you or an employee is assaulted during a theft or attempted theft.
  • Vehicle insurance:
    You’re likely to use a vehicle for transporting your equipment and travelling from site to site. Vehicle insurance – or motor fleet insurance if you use more than one vehicle for business – can provide fire, theft, damage and accident protection for your vehicle, as well as its passengers and contents.

    Although most vehicle insurance policies can provide you with a replacement vehicle, as a window cleaner you’ll need to make sure your insurer provides properly-equipped vehicles, such as those with a water tank or pure water system.
  • Business interruption insurance:
    Business interruption insurance can provide a useful back-up if you’re unable to trade due to incidences covered in your insurance policy. This cover can provide compensation for any loss of revenue you experience during this time, and can cover the cost of replacement materials, staff or having to move to a temporary business location.
  • Personal accident insurance:
    Personal accident insurance can provide financial assistance if you or an employee is seriously injured or becomes seriously ill and unable to work as a result. This cover can include loss of revenue, cost of medical bills, and cost of installing adaptations to your home or business premises.

    You may need to consider further covers or additions to your policy such as:
    • Loss of keys: this covers any losses you experience if you’ve lost your customers’ keys, including providing replacement keys and access to a locksmith.
    • Damage to carpets/upholstery: this covers any accidental damage you cause to your customers’ carpets and upholstery that can’t be fixed immediately.
    • Maximum height limit: your insurer may impose a limit to the height at which you work, although some insurers may not specify any restrictions.
    • Premises to be cleaned: your insurer may impose a restriction on what types of premises you can clean.

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