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Salon Insurance

Salon Insurance


As the owner of a busy salon, you’re probably well aware of the work that goes into running a successful business. An important part of safeguarding the future success of your business is protecting it from unexpected costs that may leave you in a vulnerable situation. Business insurance for salons is one way in which you can guard against such threats.

What does insurance for beauty salons cover?

When deciding what you’d like your salon business insurance policy – also known as a business insurance package – to protect against, it can help to think about the risks that you’re exposed to. Some of the most common threats that a salon may face include:

  • Damage to your salon’s building – including malicious damage and weather damage
  • Damage or theft of contents - including specialist tools and equipment
  • Physical injury to your staff or customers
  • Closure due to circumstances outside of your control.

Any of these threats could have an adverse effect on your business’s ability to operate. Luckily, all of the above – and more – can be protected against by having the right professional beauty insurance in place.

What beauty salon insurance do I need?

It’s important to ensure your insurance policy is based on your salon’s circumstances and the treatments that it offers. As well as general risks – such as damage or theft – you may want to insure against a number of more specific threats that come with the nature of the work you carry out.

For example, if you store quantities of high value professional beauty products for treatments, then you may want your insurance policy to reflect this. If anything happened to these items, there’s a chance that they wouldn’t be covered by a regular contents insurance policy. Stock insurance is an extension of contents insurance that covers a business for damage, loss or theft of stock on your premises. Typically, this stock will need to be stored following specific guidelines – usually outlined in your policy wording.

If your salon offers specialist services, then there’s a chance that an insurer would deem both your staff and customers to be at a higher risk of injury compared to a salon offering more basic treatments. If this is the case, it may need to be reflected in both your employers’ liability and public liability policies, respectively. For instance, if you offer skin or hair treatments – such as facials, light treatments or hair removal – you may want to have specialist treatment liability insurance in place, in case a customer suffered injury when receiving one of these treatments.

For more information, visit our 'Do I need public liability insurance?' page.

Specific types of salons may also need to tailored forms of cover to suit their individual needs, such as:

Barbers and Hairdressing Insurance

As a hairdresser or barber, there’s a chance that you will have specialist equipment such as professional hair dryer hoods. If you use or have specialist equipment on your business premises then it’s important to modify your hairdressers insurance to include tools and equipment insurance. This will cover your business for the extra liability of possessing expensive equipment.

Cover for teachers and students

If you are a teacher, or a student training in a working salon, you may need to purchase specific student beauty insurance to suit your purposes. Student or teacher cover could differ from standard salon cover, as the risks relating to each are likely to be slightly different. For instance, extended cover is required for teachers as they are providing additional training services. They are responsible for the actions of their trainee technicians, which poses greater threat – especially when the use of chemicals is involved.

Students may also benefit from lower insurance premiums, as they are likely to be under the supervision of a qualified and experienced technician, lowering the risk of accident.

Salon insurance quotes

It’s important to carefully consider your business’s circumstances and thoroughly compare all quotes to ensure that you are getting the right levels of protection. To help with this, speak with one of Make It Cheaper’s insurance experts, who will ensure you get the right cover for your business at a fair price. Call 0800 970 0077 today for your no obligation quote.