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What is professional indemnity insurance (PI)?

If your business offers advice or services to clients, you’ll need a professional indemnity insurance certificate. This type of insurance covers costs and expenses incurred when defending against claims related to poor service or advice.

Clients have the right to make a claim if your advice has caused damage to their reputation, or lost them money - even if you have given this advice for free.



Who needs professional indemnity insurance?

Your business will need cover if it offers any kind of advice, knowledge, skills or services to members of the public or other businesses.

Why should I buy professional indemnity insurance?

PI insurance will provide you with crucial financial protection, covering the cost of legal fees or compensation. Many client companies and certain industry regulations require you to have insurance this in place.

If, for example, your advice led to a company changing its strategy, which then resulted in a drop in sales, you could be held liable. Although you may not have caused the problem, it’s hard to prove, so it’s best to take the fastest legal route with the help of PI insurance.

What does professional indemnity insurance protect?

PI insurance protects you against claims of negligence if a client suffers financial or professional damage. However, your cover won’t protect for claims made before you started your insurance.

What other insurance policies do I need?

You may also need public liability insurance if customers are visiting your office. This would cover compensation costs and legal fees if a customer was to injure themselves or if their property is damaged while at your workplace.

To protect your business income, you can get business interruption insurance.

You’ll need employers liability insurance if you have one or more employees, volunteers or freelance staff at your office, as it’s a legal requirement. This will protect you against claims if they have an accident or their property is damaged at work.

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