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Pet Shop Insurance

Pet Shop Insurance


Take a look at our quick guide to pet shop insurance

There are hazards when it comes to running any business, but a pet shop has an entirely unique set of risks. Working with live animals can be unpredictable at the best of times, which is all the more reason to ensure that your business is thoroughly protected with a comprehensive business insurance package.

What types of pet shop insurance

Strictly speaking, there aren’t ‘types’ of pet shop insurance so much as different types of business insurance that can be included in an insurance policy for pet shops. These forms of cover may also be relevant to other businesses, policies can be tailored to cover the specific threats that your pet shop may be vulnerable to, including:

Damage and theft

There’s always the chance that your business could fall victim to theft and damage – even if the latter is accidental or due to natural causes. For example, if an accident leaves a large fish tank or vivarium cracked or otherwise damaged, having contents insurance in place could help you to pay for repair or replacement. If needed, contents insurance can also be extended to include specialist stock, equipment and tools that you may have on your premises.

Similarly, if you own your premises, you may want to consider taking out commercial buildings insurance to protect the bricks and mortar from which you operate. If you were to suffer from an unexpected event – for example, if a severe storm smashed the front of your shop, forcing you to close – then you may not be able to cover the cost of repairs. Buildings insurance could provide financial assistance in this situation.

Injury or illness

The risk of causing illness or injury is one many businesses face, but the fact that members of the public may be interacting with live animals on your premises could make it particularly pertinent for you. If a customer did suffer illness or injury while in your store, public liability insurance could provide financial reimbursement for any subsequent legal fees.

There’s also a chance that your staff could sustain injury as a result of carrying out their working duties. You can protect yourself in this event by having employers’ liability insurance in place. In fact, there’s a good chance that you’ll legally required to have this cover if you have employees of any kind, as it is a legal requirement for businesses who employ staff.


Sometimes, businesses can find themselves forced to close due to circumstances outside of their control. If this was to happen to you, you could lose valuable revenue - and may still need to pay for overheads and staff wages while you're closed.

There are a number of circumstances which could result in your business being forced to close its doors temporarily - for instance, an outbreak of disease or a police investigation taking place. To cover your business financially in situations such as this, you may want to consider having business interruption insurance in place.

How do I get pet shop insurance

To make sure that your pet shop is protected against the most pertinent risks it faces, you should purchase a comprehensive pet shop insurance policy. Different insurance providers are likely to offer you different prices for insurance, based on their individual analyses of the risk that your business poses. As such, the best way of making sure that you’re getting the best deal for your business is to compare deals from a number of providers and then choose the one most suited to your needs.

As the process of obtaining quotes from numerous providers can be a lengthy process, you may want to consider using a broker service to do the legwork for you. Make It Cheaper Financial Services can make it quick and easy for you to find a tailored pet shop insurance deal that protects your business against the threats it faces, at a price that you can afford.

Pet shop insurance quotes

To get an insurance quote for your pet shop, give Make it Cheaper Financial Services a call today. A quick conversation with one of our insurance experts is all it takes to assess your business’s needs, and build a bespoke business insurance policy around your requirements. Call 0800 970 0077 for your no obligation quote.

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