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Insurance for mechanics

What insurance policies could a mechanic benefit from and what protection do they provide?

For mechanics, or owners of a garage, there are likely to be a number of assets that you count on to operate an efficient business.  The nature of the work that you do - for example vehicle servicing, maintenance and repairs - can create a high risk environment, meaning that your business is faced with threats every day.

There are likely a number of assets that you want to protect against such threats - for instance, your employees, tools of the trade and business premises. If one of these were to suffer from injury, loss, damage or theft, then it could become difficult to successfully run your business.

This is where mechanics insurance comes into play. This type of insurance isn’t actually a policy in itself – it’s a broad term used to describe the various different types of cover that a mechanic or car garage could benefit from, and might choose to include in their insurance package.

The policies you consider for your own mechanics insurance package will depend on your business’s unique needs. However, there are some popular forms of cover that most mechanics are likely to consider, such as:

  • Public liability insurance:
    This policy can provide protection in the event that you are deemed responsible for causing injury to a member of the public, or damage to their property. For example, if you are carrying out servicing or repairs to a customer’s car and accidentally scratch the paintwork, then a public liability policy could provide you with funding for compensation that may have to be paid as a result.

         If you're asking 'Do I need public liability insurance?', click the link for more information. 

  • Employers' liability insurance:
    Employers’ liability insurance can provide financial assistance for legal fees and compensation in the event that a member of your staff suffers injury or illness as a direct result of their work, and you are deemed liable. Most businesses are legally required to have employers’ liability insurance in place if they employ staff, including full-time, part-time, temporary and unpaid staff.
  • Professional indemnity insurance:
    In the event that the professional services you provide result in a client suffering damages, professional indemnity insurance could offer you protection. For instance, if you are hired to install new brake pads onto a customer’s car, but accidentally install the incorrect pads causing further damage, then a successful claim on professional indemnity insurance could provide you with financial help to defend against a claim and pay compensation.

          For more information, be sure to visit our 'What is professional indemnity insurance' page.

  • Contents insurance:
    Contents insurance can protect a number of assets for mechanics, including tools, equipment and goods in transit cover

    It is highly likely that, as a mechanic, you use specialist tools and equipment to complete jobs for your customers. Should these items become lost, damaged or stolen, then a successful claim on your tools or equipment insurance could help to fund the repairs or replacement items you need to keep your business running.

    For a mobile mechanic’s insurance package, it can be a good idea to include insurance for goods in transit as part of your contents insurance policy. This cover can protect your tools and equipment while you are transporting them between different jobs in case they are stolen, lost or damaged.
  • Buildings insurance:
    If your mechanics business is based in a garage or industrial unit, then you might want to consider taking out buildings insurance. This policy can protect the physical structure of your business building(s) against damage, such as that caused by a flood or fire.

    However, if you rent your business premises, then it is possible that a buildings insurance policy may already be in place – so it’s a good idea to check with your landlord before taking out cover.
  • Fleet insurance:
    If your business uses several vehicles, then your mobile mechanics insurance policy could benefit from the addition of fleet insurance. This policy can provide protection against damage and theft for the vehicles that you or your employees use to travel between jobs. A fleet insurance policy can cover anything upward of two vehicles, so you can tailor your policy to suit the size of your business.

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