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How To Make an Insurance Claim

Claim on Insurance


Making an insurance claim for your business does not necessarily need to be a drawn-out and tedious process. A conscious, well-informed approach can make the entire claim process quicker and hassle-free.

Here's some useful advice on insurance claims that may help you prepare yourself:

  • Make sure you are covered for what you are claiming for.

o Re-familiarise yourself with what’s contained in your business insurance policy documents. For example – if, in your business interruption insurance policy, damage to contents due to animal infestation is not included, you will not be able to claim for loss if such an instance occurs.

  • Time is of the essence

o In any claim, a primary requirement is that you inform your insurer early so that the damage and loss can be evaluated correctly. This will help to assess the actual impact on your business.

o If you become aware of a situation that may lead to a claim being made, you should go ahead and inform your insurance company. For example, in the event a customer refuses to pay because they are unhappy with the service or product you’ve provided, you should contact your insurance provider and keep them informed of the situation, even if you’re not formally initiating a compensation claim at this stage.

o In the case of public liability or employers’ liability claims, make sure you inform your insurance provider when there is an injury or accident, even if there is no formal complaint lodged. This will help to ensure that the matter is resolved quickly without the need for further legal action.

  • In the event of any loss or damage due to malicious acts or burglary, you may need to lodge a police complaint and have the crime reference number available before approaching your insurance provider.
  • In any event of mishap or damage, it is beneficial to have proof of the incident to make the claim process easier. For example, in case of theft of goods while in transit, statements of people who witnessed the incident can help in the insurance process.

o Having CCTV installed in your business place can help to capture footage of events and can be used as supporting evidence when you make a claim.

  • It is highly recommended not to make any commitment to or negotiation with a third party regarding compensation before talking to your insurance provider.
  • Before contacting your insurance provider, remember to have your policy number and other necessary information handy to initiate a smooth claim process. Make sure you can provide a clear account of the events that have led to your claim and provide as much detail as possible.