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How to buy or renew your business insurance

How to buy or renew your business insurance


The need for business insurance varies from business to business and depends largely on the nature of your company and your own attitude towards risk. The most important thing is that your policy or policies cover the risks that you deem to be important - and our number one objective at Make It Cheaper Financial Services is to find you policies that meet that need. We will work as hard as we can to provide a quote that will be less expensive than your renewal price, but we will not compromise on the cover you require to manipulate a cheaper price.

When it comes to renewing your business insurance or buying new policies, it can be beneficial for you to shop around, rather than just accepting your current supplier's renewal terms. You may be able to save money on your business insurance, or get better cover for your money.

What type of insurance do you offer?

We offer a standard business insurance package that covers employers' liability, premises (buildings and contents - including office insurance policies), public liability and product liability. Depending on the nature of your business, this package can also be built to cover business interruption, goods in transit, accidental damage and legal expenses. In addition to this package, we also offer separate policies for fleet (motor) insurance, professional indemnity insurance and directors & officers insurance. Find out more about different types of business insurance.

What information will you need to know?

Our savings expert will need to know the renewal date of your current policy and a few key facts about your company, including the nature of your business and your annual turnover and wage bill. We will also require some standard information about your premises. If you require fleet insurance, we will also need information about the age and specification of your vehicles and details such as driving restrictions and claims history. We require no additional information than any other insurer and we are happy to work from your current renewal schedule (including claims history) to save you time over the phone, received via email or fax. We will then provide you with a quote as soon as possible. This will often happen during the telephone call, but it may take longer if the cover you require is unusual.

Why should I go with Make It Cheaper Financial Services over anyone else?

We share the values of our sister company Make It Cheaper, which means we work in the interests of our customers and are completely impartial, meaning we are not aligned to any insurer. Most significantly, we do not charge additional fees for mid-term policy adjustments and, if you choose to pay your annual premium in smaller amounts, we will not charge any more interest than that required by the insurer. Finally, when your policy ends and is due to be renewed, we will get in touch with you in sufficient time for you to make a considered decision about what to do next.

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