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How much is business insurance?

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Business Insurance Cost

How much is business liability insurance?

This will depend on a number of variables, including the type and size of your business. All commercial insurance packages should be unique and designed to suit to the needs of your business.

The main factors that affect the price of your insurance are:

  • The potential for risk: The likelihood that you’ll need to make a claim will be assessed.
  • Nature of your business: You may be required by law to have certain policies in place due to your number of employees or main trade.
  • Levels of cover: This depends on the size of your stock, contents and building.
  • Size of your business: Your turnover and number of employees.

How much is general commercial cover?

Whether your business sells, supplies or transports goods, you’ll need cover to protect your stock, tools and equipment against loss, theft or damage. We’ll need to run a quote to find a definitive cost for your cover, as the type and number of policies needed are different for every business.

Which types of business insurance policies do I need?

All businesses with one or more members of staff are required by law to have employers’ liability insurance. This is to pay for any legal fees and compensation costs incurred if an employee claims an injury or illness they’ve suffered is due to your negligence.

You may also need the following insurance policies, depending on your business:

Your small business has a range of assets you need to protect with insurance, which could include anything from your business building, specialist tools and equipment, stock and contents, to your income and the employees that you hire.

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