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What is Goods in Transit insurance?

Whether you’re a tradesman or in the haulage industry, you’ll need Goods in Transit insurance (also known as GIT insurance) to protect the contents of your van while being transported. You’ll be financially protected from:

  • Theft while items are being transported
  • Loss of items while being transported
  • Damage of items while being transported
  • Damage of items caused by accidents during transit

This cover can be added to your business insurance policy for goods being transported in your own vehicle, or a third party carrier.

Who needs GIT insurance?

Having Goods in Transit insurance is essential protection for small businesses that transport items as part of their service. It will pay for the replacement of stock, tools or materials, if lost, stolen or damaged.

If you use a van or pickup to transport work-related goods, you’ll need commercial van insurance. If you get paid to move cargo or to transport other people’s goods, you’ll need a courier policy that covers you for haulage. You should consider adding a GIT policy to your insurance package if you run one of the following businesses:

  • Haulage firms
  • Painters and decorators
  • Builders and contractors
  • Bands and DJs

How much is Goods in Transit insurance?

The price of your GIT insurance is affected by a number of variables:

  • Type of vehicle
  • Number of vehicles
  • The value of the goods
  • Frequency of the cargo you carry
  • Nature of transportation
  • Number of additions to your policy

To find out how much your policy will cost, call us today on 0800 188 4976 and we’ll compare policies from a range of insurance providers we trust.

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