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Compare Gift Shop Insurance

All businesses are different and, therefore, most will require different types of insurance. While in the past, commercial shop insurance was fairly standard and covered a wide variety of businesses, the demand for more specialised products, which cater to the specific needs of a particular type of business such as your gift shop.

If you’re looking for insurance for your gift shop, we can help guide you through all the jargon and match you up with the policy for you; which is right for your needs.

Why do I need gift shop insurance?

Regardless of whether you own a single store or a chain of them, having the right type of insurance is crucial to your peace of mind and the success of your business. You can now take out retail shop insurance that provides you with comprehensive coverage, ensuring you fully covered for any eventuality. Policies can cover areas such as your shop contents, which is particularly important for gift shops that often contain lots of stock and a very high number of customers handling items, and also protection against damage to cash registers and display units.

Because gift shops have employees and members of the public visiting their premises, gift shop owners will also be expected to take out public and employers liability insurance. Other types of shop insurance policies you can take out include those that provide cover against events that cause you to stop operating, as well as policies for any portable business equipment you may use and others that protect your goods while they are in transit.

Many businesses now operate almost exclusively online and, therefore, their business structure is different from more traditional ‘brick and mortar’ stores. As such, there are now online retailer insurance policies that can provide you with protection for various scenarios, such as being the victim of malicious hacking. Your policy will pay for any costs associated with resolving such a situation, including any required compensation payments due to data breaches and the accidental transmission of harmful computer viruses. This type of cover is known as cyber insurance and can be combined with your policy.

What should be covered by my gift shop insurance policy?

If you are looking for retail insurance, it is important to clearly understand what protection your business requires. While this may seem obvious, you will be surprised at the many different things that you will likely need cover for. Reflecting these factors, insurance companies now offer a variety of bespoke shop insurance policies that are designed to help you quickly and easily get the cover your business needs to succeed.

As a retail operation, you will need to be covered against injuries on your premises, both to your customers and your employees. As such, there are public and employee liability policies that will protect you should such an incident occur in your shop.

To protect your premises from serious events such as flooding and fire, building insurance has been designed to help pay for the cost of repairs or rebuilding to help you get back on your feet as quickly as possible. These policies also cover problems with vital building equipment such as boilers and alarm systems but frequently do not include damage caused by natural wear and tear. Of course, if you do require this type of insurance, then we can help you find an affordable policy. We will strive to find you cheap shop insurance that still provides you with the comprehensive cover you need to have peace of mind.

What if I run a pop-up shop?

With business models constantly evolving to meet changing consumer needs, pop-up shops have appeared as a cheap and simple way for new retailers to introduce their products to the public. The nature of these businesses can make them difficult to cover, but we can help you find a suitable policy that will provide you with the insurance you need and make the most of the low shop insurance rates currently available on the market.

One such option could be a short-term business insurance policy, which will provide employer and product liability insurance, as well as cover for stock and loss of profits. Such a policy would give you the cover you need to operate, without locking you into a more expensive long-term deal that may not reflect the length of time you intend to operate.

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