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Car, van and any wheel based insurance is all about risk - the more time your vehicles spend on the road, the greater the risk.

Commercial fleet insurance is designed to cover multiple business vehicles against damage and theft, so if you’re looking to insure your fleet it’s important to get the right cover at a fair price.

What is fleet insurance?

Whether you’ve a few cars or a fleet of vans, business fleet insurance is effectively a way to buy insurance in bulk from one provider instead of having multiple policies from different insurers running concurrently.

The main advantage of taking out this type of cover is that it can take away the hassle of having to renew each vehicle's policy individually - and it may work out to be the more cost-effective option. A fleet insurance policy also gives you the opportunity to insure all of your drivers in any of your vehicles, meaning individuals don’t have to wait for a specific vehicle to be returned.

What does business fleet insurance cover?

Just like private motorists, fleet operators have the option of taking out third party, third party fire and theft or comprehensive fleet insurance. Each of these policies can provide cover for different circumstances:

Third party

Third party fleet insurance can provide legal protection and compensation for situations such as:

  • Damage to third party property caused by your vehicles
  • The cost of defending your driver(s) against a motoring charge
  • Damage or injury caused to a third party by a passenger of one of your vehicles – for example if a passenger opens their door, hitting and injuring a cyclist.

Third party, fire and theft

Third party, fire and theft fleet insurance covers the above circumstances, as well as:

  • Theft of a fleet vehicle, excluding joyriding
  • Fire, lightning and explosions resulting in the damage or destruction of your vehicle.


Comprehensive cover is the most commonly chosen fleet insurance policy, as it could provide cover for third parties, fire, theft and collision - as well as:

  • Malicious damage and vandalism to a fleet vehicle
  • Fleet vehicles being hit while parked
  • Storm and flood damage to a fleet vehicle.

Are there any additions and exclusions for fleet insurance policies?

It’s worth remembering not all policies are identical, and it’s important that you don’t just pick the cheapest, but also make sure your cover offers everything you need in terms of protection. You can often include features in a fleet insurance policy that are not usually included in private motorists' policies. For example:

  • Any driver is covered under the insurance, though there may sometimes be an age limit
  • Open’ policies allow you to add and remove of vehicles from your policy
  • Coverage for loaned and borrowed (non-owned) vehicles
  • Replacement vehicle(s) following loss or destruction
  • Financial assistance with medical expenses for drivers and passengers in the event of injury after an accident
  • Cover for damage to, and theft of driver and passengers’ personal belongings.

There are also a number of situations commonly excluded from fleet insurance cover, including:

  • Theft of, or damage caused to an unattended fleet vehicle if the keys are left in or around the vehicle
  • General wear and tear and depreciation in value of fleet vehicles and their tyres
  • Damage caused to a fleet vehicle by an earthquake, rioting, civil commotion or acts of terrorism and war
  • Drivers under a certain age.

It’s important that you make sure to read your policy documents carefully to ensure you are compliant with its terms and all of the details are correct. If you fail to do this, your policy could be deemed invalid – leaving your business vulnerable if an unexpected incident should occur.

Fleet insurance quotes

Terms of cover can differ from policy to policy, so it’s important to make sure you fully understand the policy wording and the specifics of what your fleet and drivers are protected against, as well as any exclusions. To get a tailored fleet insurance quote, get in touch with Make It Cheaper Financial Services. Our UK based insurance experts make it quick and easy for you to get a fleet insurance quote – meaning you can take care of keeping your fleet on the road.

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